Cauliflower Crusts / Wraps 5&1 Plan Approved

Not all crusts are approved for the 5&1 Plan. In fact there are a select few brands that are actually made with enough cauliflower to be allowed on plan!

Why aren’t all approved? Companies don’t have to put more than the tiniest bit of cauliflower to call it “cauliflower crust” – if you flip over and read the ingredients on some you will see the main ingredient is still white flour (sugar.)

Outer Aisle (code: GEO10)

These are really good! Any flavor, gluten free, low carb & 5&1 plan approved. My favorite way to use these are for hamburgers or a Tuna Melt. Here are some great ideas on how to use them:

Ordering online is the cheapest & freshest way, use my code GEO10 for 10% off – click here.

K’Bosh (code: GFWGsale)

K’Bosh crusts are made from simple, clean, gluten-free ingredients with zero preservatives and no added sugar.


  • Pizzas
  • Wraps

Use the code GFWGSALE for $10 off when you buy 6 – click here to shop!

Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s has some great approved cauliflower crusts! Both the pizza crust & thins are approved – to the left is how to count them!

Here’s a link to more Trader Joe’s approved items! Click Here

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